The New Mutants Trailer Breakdown: 8 Things You Need To See

We don't need no self-control.


Spoopy season is upon us, and if that hadn't already been made clear by all the Halloween merch that's been littering store shelves, Fox unleashed the trailer for New Mutants last night.

While the trailer for a new X-Men spin-off might not sound particularly threatening, or even horrific, we've known for some time now that Josh Boone's X-Men spin-off would be gunning for a horror vibe. Take a look below and see for yourself.

Releasing next year, The New Mutants will follow Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot and Mirage as they come to grips with their Mutant powers as they begin to manifest. This won't be your average X-flick however, and the trailer was as cryptic as it was foreboding, planting the seeds to a mystery that's not like any we've seen in a comic book film before.

It's uncharted territory for the franchise, and while the clues at hand are few and far between, there's enough in there to piece together some of the main beats from the film, including its setting, the team involved and, in one particularly telling encounter, the main villain too.

All the ingredients are there for the New Mutants to be one of the most authentic and indeed terrifying comic book flicks yet. Here’s what we picked up from the trailer.

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