The Umbrella Academy: Everything You Need To Know

Netflix's Academy has superheroes, aliens, time travel and talking chimpanzees under its Umbrella.


It's a great time to be a comic book fanatic, with every studio out there looking to take game-changing stories from the glossy pages to the big screen. And if you happen to be a fan of Dark Horse's The Umbrella Academy, the news that Netflix will be turning it into a live action series will definitely have fans everywhere marking their calendars.

While this ragtag group of heroes isn't as popular as The Avengers of The Justice League, they do have a solid following and any self-respecting fanboy or fangirl will not want to miss this one. However, it should appeal to fans of all comic books, or even just comic book TV shows, regardless of whether you're familiar with the source material or not.

One thing of note to point out is that, from the looks of the first trailer and the rest of the marketing, this Netflix series will be extremely ambitious. This adaptation promises to be a very different take on the superhero genre in a world that is unrivaled with its story and its vision, and this is everything you need to know before it hits Netflix.


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