The Walking Dead: 10 Worst Things Rick Grimes Has Ever Done

10. The Ricktatorship


It's no secret that The Walking Dead's second season was a bit of a mess. 16 episodes were essentially spent with a bunch of characters having arguments and solving none of the problems thrown their way. They bickered, the farm went down in flames, a bunch of people died, and the group was left to live in the wild.

Rick had the right to be annoyed at all the carnage, but his solution wasn't exactly the most sensical. At the end of the Season 2 finale he infamously rounded up his friends and declared that "this isn't a democracy anymore", making it clear that the Ricktatorship was in effect, and if they didn't like it then they could leave.

Stronger leadership might have been necessary, but it wasn't the fact that Rick couldn't call the shots that made everything go to s**t previously. In fact, it was his ideas which ended up putting the group at odds in the first place.

It was an out-of-character moment for Rick at that point, and he'd even admit this was a bad move less than a season later.


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