Titans: Casting The Trinity & Bat-Family

Every DC Universe Needs A Batman, After All.


Despite the entire roster of supposed heroes being a tad too murdery, Titans had a pretty darn enjoyable first season, and being based off of the works of DC Comics, it was obvious that there would be a fair few references to the wider universe, and the characters that inhabit it.

Though, in the numerous flashback scenes that served to give some background on Dick Grayson, the depiction of Batman was a bit creepy, to say the least. This was primarily because no one had been cast as Bruce Wayne or Alfred, meaning that whenever the two were involved in the story, their faces were never shown, and their voices were often very quiet.

The same could also be said for Wonder Woman, Superman and Batgirl/Oracle, who were name-dropped many a time throughout the show, but were never actually given an on-screen presence.

Yet, with another season of Titans rumoured to be starting production soon, in combination with the Superboy tease at the end of the finale, it is quite likely that all of the above-mentioned characters will appear in the show at one point or another. But who should play them?


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