Venom 2: 8 Things The Sequel Must Include

Please let him be a motorbike? Just once?

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Despite receiving backlash from critics upon its release, Venom proved something of a hit at the box office, making $205.5 million worldwide in its first weekend alone - a new record for an October opening weekend.

As such, it seems incredibly likely that the film is to see a sequel - especially with a new potential villain being teased in the first film's end credits.

With this interesting possible storyline, and with what is sure to be a solid budget behind it, there's real potential for Venom 2 to really build on its original - so long as SONY go about it the right way...

8. The Tag Team Development

Marvel Comics

One of the most interesting things about Venom was that it contained fight scenes where one half of the person fighting had basically no idea what was going on.

With a couple fights under their collective belt, seeing some fight scenes where Brock and Venom work together – instead of Venom saving a very bewildered Eddie – is sure to prove fascinating if pulled off well. The fights – all questionable motion blur in the final aside – are arguably one of the best parts of the first film, as they show off the more alien aspects of Venom’s move set.

Given a sequel is likely to have an even larger CGI budget – and a creative team who’ve had time to learn how to use Venom’s design to its absolute best – we're hopeful that the next time Venom crosses tentacles it’s for a more ambitious take.

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