Venom 2: 8 Things The Sequel Must Include

6. Brock's Old Job

Marvel Comics

The Venom backstory we see within the first film is unique in that it’s roughly based around rewritten versions of the Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiote storylines respectively – versions without Spider-Man, of course, and also tragically without some classic 90s mullets.

While this approach set the tone quite solidly for how the relationship between symbiote and the fleshy host works, there’s one thing neither of these stories can be seen to influence in regards to the film; Eddie Brock’s backstory. It’s only natural to question what exactly the reporter's full backstory is, as we already know it isn't the same as the comics, since Brock's breakdown wasn't caused by being fired from the Daily Bugle.

With this break from the norm, we can only hope that the mysteries of Brock’s past are filled in by the sequel – although it does open a can of worms about who plays Peter Parker.

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