Venom 2: 8 Things The Sequel Must Include

5. Comic Inspiration

Marvel Comics

As previously mentioned, one thing Venom does right is drawing parts from its comic sources to influence the film itself.

With an absolute catalog of Venom comics still available to choose from, it would be almost self-defeating were the team working on the sequel to not use at least one or two.

While it’s not yet definite that Maximum Carnage is going to be a heavy inspiration, there’s still plenty of opportunity for classic Venom comics like The Hunger to be used – not to mention the Carnage spin-off material that is sure to be chock full of inspiration.

Even less fitting comics like Agent Venom could have a reference or two snuck in, should the team behind the film be feeling particularly devious. There’s almost limitless potential for nods to comics in the film, and that in particular is especially exciting.

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