What Captain Marvel's Cast Look Like In The Comics

The Supreme Intelligence is... different, to say the least.

Captain Marvel Cast

The next Marvel film set to release might be the immutable Avengers: Endgame, but fans are still talking about Captain Marvel.

The second Marvel prequel broke into the franchise's highest grossing films the other week, and though consensus seems to indicate that it's just a good - not great - film, it was still very enjoyable. It introduced fans to a whole new corner of the Marvel mythos, and with it several new characters. There were still returning favourites, but as with most new Marvel IPs, it's seeing the debuts of whole new characters that's the most exciting thing to witness.

Predictably, Captain Marvel had a whole lot of them. However, also worth mentioning is how the film managed to shine a light on the MCU's staple characters, with a younger, less rough-around-the-edges version of Nick Fury partnering the title character as she uncovers her past.

However, even though Captain Marvel stayed faithful to the source material in a great many areas, it also divested from it too. This was apparent in the story and in the look of certain characters, with some being almost unrecognisable in live action compared to how they were in the comics.

As always, it's fun to compare and contrast the MCU versions with how they look in the comics, so let's take a look and see just how different the film really was compared to the source...

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