Which Joker Said It?

Romero? Nicholson? Ledger? Leto? Let's see how well you know the Clown Prince of Crime.

DC Comics

There really isn't any other supervillain quite like the famed Jester of Genocide, The Joker.

Despite carrying out some utterly heinous acts over the decades, this long-time Batman foe has amassed a following nearly as big as his cape 'n' cowl-adored rival. For whatever reason, fans absolutely love The Joker.

When it comes to the big screen, everybody has their own personal favourite incarnation of Mr. J. Whether it's Cesaro Romero of the Adam West era Batman, Jack Nicholson of the Michael Keaton era Batman, Heath Ledger of the Christian Bale era Batman, or Jared Leto of the Ben Affleck era Batman, we all have that version of The Joker that stands out above the rest.

Throughout all four of these Jokers appearances, each one has been given some rather fantastic lines of dialogue to spew at the Caped Crusader or some other unfortunate soul. What we want to know, however, is just how well you know your Nicholson from your Leto, your Ledger from your Romero.

Here, we've got several quotes that are all directly from a Joker; you just have to correctly tell us from which Joker.

1. "Smile, Because It Confuses People."

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