Wonder Woman 84: 6 Things You Need To Know About Cheetah

6. There Are Multiple Versions Of The Character In Comics

DC Comics

Like most comic book characters, Cheetah has seen her own share of retcons and reboots. The original Cheetah that debuted during the Golden Age of Comics was a Washington DC socialite named Priscilla Rich.

She had a split personality and an inferiority complex. After becoming jealous of Wonder Woman and being unable to compete with her, she eventually snaps and adopts the moniker of Cheetah.

While she had no actual superpowers, her suit and brain made her a dangerous adversary nonetheless - even managing to incriminate Wonder Woman for a robbery of all things. As it usually is with villains, most of her schemes failed and she eventually retired to a cozy, secluded mansion.

However, criminal compulsions seemed to run in the family as when the villain Kobra offers her a place in his burgeoning band of evil doers, it is her niece, Debora Domaine, who answers the call - thus becoming the second person to don the moniker.

The version of Cheetah most recognized today came about following DC's massive 1985 crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, which rebooted the entire DC comics universe. This new Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva, was a big departure from the previous two as now there was a supernatural element to her story.

While the previous two had no powers, Minerva most certainly did. Gaining her abilities courtesy of a ritual, she boasted super strength, agility and lethal claws and fangs as part of her arsenal. Given she's considered the most iconic incarnation so far, it was no surprise she was the Cheetah chosen to arrive on the big screen.


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