X-Men: Apocalypse - 15 Questions Left By The Stupidest X-Movie Ever

Why make this?

20th Century Fox

X-Men has always toed a very fine line between grounded realism and zany humour. Pinnacle scenes, like the battle a Liberty Island in X-Men or Pyro's police attack in X-2 are great spectacle, yes, but also have a solid understanding of the innate silliness of it all. All of the movies tried to find space for Holocaust parallels and buddy comedy, and while it didn't always work, it's been a defining throughline - heck, the previous movie in the series, Days Of Future Past, ended with Michael Fassbender flying a football stadium over Washington D.C. while trying to kill the President.

But just because the franchise has never shied away from showing the full tonal breadth of its comic book source doesn't mean we should just accept how unrelentingly dumb X-Men: Apocalypse is/

The story is a hodge-podge of ideas that don't quite fit together and the script is so overwhelmed by characters that none of the sub-plots get developed ahead of their conclusion. And, within all that, there's an awful lot of plot illogicies and general confusion that make it the stupidest (if not worst) movie in the series. Nothing quite as bad as Batman V Superman, a movie where every single scene left you with a bevy of questions, but that's hardly praise, is it?


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