Young Justice: Outsiders - 4 Ups & 2 Downs From The Season 3 Finale


4. Starting Strong

Young Justice Finale
DC Universe

While DC Universe once streamed three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders at a time, it began airing a single episode on a weekly basis for the show's summer run. However, with the end in sight, the streaming service released the final three episodes together - and this undoubtedly proved to be the right decision.

The first of those episodes, 'Into The Breach', wasted absolutely no time throwing us into the action as, upon the Justice League's capture by Granny Goodness, it was up to the young team of heroes to make the save.

With Beast Boy, Cyborg and the Outsiders fighting Granny's earth form in Hollywood, and the rest of the team attempting to rescue Halo in space, the team fired on all cylinders in a bid to stop Darkseid's plans to enslave meta-humans - and the resulting episode was so strong that it could have served as a season finale on its own. And it goes without saying that it ended up elevating everything that came next.

Unfortunately, putting this one on as the opening act did have its drawbacks, but we'll get to that later.


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