10 "True Story" Horror Movies That Tricked You Into Believing Them

Do marketing divisions have no shame?

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What does "True Story" really mean when it comes to horror movies? Whilst you'd imagine that there's not really much room for interpretation when it comes to those two words, the film industry will happily prove you wrong.

"True Story" means about as much as "Diet Coke" in the grand scheme of things. And just like the drink, despite being brandished about with enticing, shiny packaging, it's a watered down, tasteless concept absolutely riddled with hot air. At the end of the day, both are still full of the full-fat and fakery that they pretend they're not associated with.

No-one needs the anxiety-inducing fear that comes with thinking Slenderman is lurking in the forest, or that The Conjuring's Bathsheba could be stalking the corridors of our own homes, but audiences eat it up all the same. We wilfully buy into real events for horror movies in particular to make them that much more scary - but just how liberal are these films being with the truth?

The answer, more often than you'd expect, is very. From tugging on reality like Stretch Armstrong to outright lying, there's plenty of films out there that pulled the wool over our eyes with their filmic trickery - so let's take a look at what really went down...


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