10 Actors Who Had To Get Drunk To Shoot Their Movies

7. Brad Pitt & Ed Norton - Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club Drink
20th Century Fox

Though Fight Club is a movie filled with unforgettable moments, one of the most memorable parts of the flick is a short scene featuring stars Ed Norton and Brad Pitt, as the Narrator and Tyler Durden respectively, drunkenly hitting golf balls on a verge, which fly off-screen and whack against something in the distance.

As it turns out, Pitt and Norton were drunk in real life whilst filming the scene. In fact, director David Fincher decided to include the scene in the movie after seeing Pitt and Norton hitting golf balls into the catering truck after having a few drinks during downtime.

Fincher fed the pair their lines, rolled the cameras, and ended up this great little scene as a result.


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