10 Actresses Way Too Hot For The Roles They Played

Too distracting to be real.

Christmas Bond
Eon Productions

A movie's success is often determined less by the script or the direction and more by the casting; pick the wrong actor or actress to play a role and no matter how well-written it is, it will inevitably fall apart.

Sometimes casting agents evidently become blinded by notions of star power and placing as hot an actress as possible in their movie, the result being an actress playing a part who does not fit the "look" the character requires in any way.

Whether casting a hottie to play a frumpy, unattractive sad sack or simply casting a supermodel to play a more down-to-Earth role, these 10 actresses, regardless of their actual acting abilities, were simply too beautiful to play the characters they were cast as, and audiences were subsequently distracted, even amused as a result...

10. Charlize Theron - Snow White & The Huntsman

Snow White The Huntsman
Universal Pictures

Charlize Theron was cast as Queen Ravenna, Snow White's evil stepmother in the surprisingly decent Snow White & The Huntsman, and to be fair to her, she gives easily the best performance in the movie, hamming it up for the cheap seats and essentially playing the villain with a good 'ol fashioned twirl of an invisible moustache.

However, a problem arises when you consider that while the Queen is supposed to be attractive, she is also supposed to be "surpassed" by a far more attractive young woman, in Snow White, played here by Kristen Stewart. It was something of a running joke prior to the movie's release, but it's true; do most people not find Theron considerably more attractive than Stewart?

This is by no means saying that Stewart is unattractive, because she obviously isn't, but in casting someone so clearly more beautiful than her as the Queen, the producers essentially cast themselves into a corner. Given that Stewart is clearly the attraction here - in trying to rope all the Twi-hards in - why didn't they cast someone a little less insanely hot than Charlize, or at least tone her gorgeous make-up down a bit?


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