10 Actresses Who Are Basically Nude For The Entire Movie

10. Elizabeth Berkley In Showgirls (1995)

Well, d'uh. The Saved By The Bell graduate's turn in the movie that threatened to end director Paul Verhoeven's career is legendary for the level of skin on show. Whilst Showgirls may have been intended as a cautionary tale about the pursuit of fame, money and acrobatic sex in swimming pools, the real cautionary tale to aspiring actresses was to be a little more cautious in choosing your first leading role than Ms Berkley was - or it may also turn out to be your last leading role.

Of course, one can hardly blame her for jumping at the chance. She landed a role initially earmarked for Drew Barrymore, in the next movie from the writer-director team behind box office smash Basic Instinct - and, as the first studio-backed movie to be made specifically with the NC-17 certificate in mind, it was a clear chance to be part of movie history.

In a sense they succeeded - it's certainly not a movie anyone will forget. Just not quite for the reasons they intended.


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