10 Actresses Who Are Basically Nude For The Entire Movie

8. Christina Ricci In After.Life (2009)

christina Ricci after Life
Anchor Bay Entertainment

The past ten years or so have been a bit of an odd time for Christina Ricci. Having successfully moved from a child star to a well-regarded grown-up actress, everything seemed to be on the rise for her in the early 2000s - but somewhere along the line she seemed to lose momentum, and the quality of her roles tended to decline.

Case in point: this tepid attempt at an emotionally-charged supernatural drama, in which a seemingly dead Ricci awakens in a morgue, with only mortician Liam Neeson able to hear her. Ambitious but (quite literally) lifeless, the most bewildering thing about the movie was that it was able to snare such talented, high profile lead actors as Ricci, Neeson and Justin Long as Ricci's traumatised boyfriend.

It would be entirely forgettable were it not for Ricci's near-constant nudity - but when not even that can liven up a movie, you know you're in trouble.


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