10 Bad Movies That Wasted Great CGI

10. Sucker Punch

Warner Bros.

With his visually stunning adaptations of graphic novels 300 and Watchmen, there's no denying that director and producer Zack Snyder has a distinctive style of his own. Even the heavily divisive Batman v Superman had moments where his visual flare was put to full use.

Snappy visuals don't count for much when the film lacks any real substance of its own, however. And nowhere is this most prominent in the director's work than in the critically panned steampunk fever dream Sucker Punch.

When Babydoll (Emily Browning) is institutionalised by her abusive stepfather, she delves into her own fantasy world, imagining the asylum as a brothel. It's here she enlists the help of four other patients to secure a list of items she needs to escape before being lobotomised, with each set-piece being its own imaginative fantasy sequence.

From battling a large samurai to a full-scale war sequence with a dragon, each fantasy world is brought to life in an impressive hyper-stylish fashion. They're vibrant, over-the-top, and pure cinematic spectacle.

Unfortunately the rest of the film is nowhere near as inventive as its effects. A bland and predictable story, two-dimensional characters, and an over-sexualised female ensemble create a flick you'd be a sucker to watch.


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