10 Best Horror Movies About Hell

9. The Devil's Carnival/Alleluia

Jacobs Ladder
Cleopatra Films

This Hell is far removed from the gory and hideous depictions we're used to, as it comes in the form of a musical. But this isn't something like The Sound of Music, as you'll still find yourself feeling the heat of the eternal flames, all while enjoying some great songs.

Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich are an exciting filmmaking duo, as their first project - Repo! The Genetic Opera - was a fascinating look at combining music with horror, and their next title, The Devil's Carnival, was more of the same.

Devil's Carnival is a two-part series, with the first movie being a short 40-minute flick that showed multiple sinners making their way through the titular carnival, all while being taught moral lessons from The Devil himself. Then, the feature-length sequel Alleluia! took it one step further by showing as Hell and Heaven themselves began to feud.

This movie's charm, of course, comes from the music, which will have you tapping your feet all while feeling creeped out. Plus, the cheapness of the practical effects and goofier moments give it an incredibly inviting b-movie charm that approaches Hell in a surprisingly light-hearted and fun way.

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