10 Best Times Wrestlers Appeared In Horror Movies

10. Gremlins 2 - Hulk Hogan


Of course, there's no other cameo that is quite as infamous as Hulk Hogan's appearance in horror comedy movie Gremlins 2: The New Batch, in which a load of the titular creatures have spawned within a skyscraper and threaten the wider populace if they manage to get out and wreak havoc. For some reason Hulk Hogan is also there. Hulk Hogan is everywhere. And he has no time for Gremlin sh*t.

Dressed up in his classic yellow and red number, he rips his way out of his shirt in frustration - a completely normal and appropriate way of expressing himself in the cinema, mind - to threaten the beasts running riot in the theatre attempting to put 'nudie pictures' on. He's just a good guy that wants a good time with his cold soda and hot popcorn, and he will protect the will of the people no matter the cost.

It's a hilariously meta inclusion and functions perfectly in line with the tone of the Gremlins movies, and really makes it clear: no-one knows what to do when the Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother.


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