10 Comic Book Movie Henchmen Who Deserve Way More Praise

"You... are my number one... guy!"


Great movie villains don't get to where they are on their own; they need a dedicated workforce of honourable, unquestioning employees who would do anything for their dark master.

Movie henchmen are the disposable entities within a film that serve as an obstacle for the hero to overcome or a weapon for the main villain to unleash whenever they so please. Outside of comic-book films, it's also something of a trait that the second-in-command or main henchman is in fact the better and stronger antagonist (see most James Bond films), so it's a wonder sometimes why they're pushed to the sides at all.

They really are enigma's of their own as they're the singled out servants in a villain's plan; just something about them popped and seduced the movie's villain so much they told their right-hand-guy to put down his generic outfit and go customise a kit of his own.

It almost makes you wonder how does one become a henchman in the first place?

Well that's too long of a discussion for one day, so let's instead take a look at ten comic book ride-or-die servants that deserve all the praise in the world.


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