10 Controversial Films With Scenes Of Explicit Sexual Violence

2. A Serbian Film (2010)

Serbian Film Of course it would make the list! It is probably the most sexually violent film ever made. Milos is an ex porn star. He now has a wife and a child and also a burning ambition to get the heck out of Serbia. Unfortunately his funds are too low to achieve the latter objective so whenever an independent porn producer offers him a role in a film with plenty of dosh, Milos is in a prone position and accepts it. He is gradually initiated into a world of baby rape (charmingly called New Born Porn), incest, necrophilia, rape, brutal murder, child abuse etc. etc.. Of course it all ends horribly in a whirlwind of sexual violence, degradation and virtual crimes against humanity. Directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, the whole affair just seems to be about packing as many unpleasant perversions into a film as possible. Spasojevic has claimed that he wrote the film to show how the Serbian leaders had molested their own people. This must be one of the few films, that I have come across that use sexual violence as a way to express political disgust. Interestingly, Serbia's foremost director - Dusan Makavejev - the man who made WR: Mysteries of the Organism and Sweet Movie during the 1970s - also used sexual violence and perversions in those two movies to make political statements about the corruption of communism and Western consumerism. He was much more successful than Spasojevic in pursuing a political agenda because his movies had a light hearted, self reflexive and surreal touch which made them more easily accessible, whereas Spasojevic is determined to ram depravity down our throats as fast as he can. Of course people are going to flock to buy A Serbian Film because of its infamous reputation. But sitting through a litany of depraved acts with the excuse of 'this is how the Serbian Government screwed us over' is less appealing than it sounds.

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