10 Deeply Disturbing Sex Scenes We Wish We Could Unsee

5. Antichrist (2009)

Antichrist Antichrist is a harrowing psychodrama starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Defoe as grieving parents of a son who died in tragic circumstances. The film follows the mother's incessant grief and subsequent madness and the father's inability to help her as they descend into a pit of horror. It is the opening sex scene which is the disturbing one we wish we could unsee. Lyrically filmed in black and white slow motion, Charlotte and Willem get down to some serious lovemaking whilst their beautiful blond haired young son absconds from his cot. He pushes a chair to an open window where the snow is coming in and falls to his death as point of orgasm is reached. Von Trier even treats us to the sight of the child hitting the ground in slow motion, poignantly accompanied by a teddy bear. There are hard core inserts and the contrast between a child's innocence and the adult business of sex is jarring. The music - Handel's Rinaldo - turns the sequence into high art and from the moment the scene starts we know it will end in tragedy. It's all so painfully beautiful we want to wipe every trace of it from our eyes.
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