10 Deeply Disturbing Sex Scenes We Wish We Could Unsee

4. Straw Dogs (1971)

Starw Dogs Wildly controversial in its day, and with the ability to still pack a punch on our screens in the 21st century, Maestro of Carnage - Sam Peckinpah's home invasion movie includes an upsetting, disturbing rape scene that many wish they could erase from their memories. This is of course the rape of mild mannered David Sumner's (Dustin Hoffman) wife Amy (played by Susan George) by village yokels in a small Cornish town where the couple have come for David's academic pursuits and to escape the American college riots. However, they run into trouble big time in Cornwall. They are menaced by the jealous natives and the situation culminates in the violent gang rape of Amy. The rape is merciless and protracted and raises many issues about the portrayal of violence against women in cinema. But what really got critics, the censors and the viewing public going was the fact that this was no ordinary rape where the woman is defiled and traumatised. No. Amy appears to begin to enjoy the assault half way through. As a woman I am making a stand. I personally find this I'm Enjoying Being Raped scene highly offensive and dangerous. It is encouragement to perverts out there and advocates of the She Was Asking For it/She Enjoyed it Really theory. Peckinpah is effectively condoning violence against women and for this sake, the She-liked-it-really rape scene in Straw Dogs is one we wish we could unsee.
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