10 Deeply Disturbing Sex Scenes We Wish We Could Unsee

3. Ma Mere (2004)

Ma mere This is a pretty ripe little French movie which deals with the subjects of extreme sexual perversion and incest. The film studies the complex relationship between the innocent son Pierre and how he is led into sexual depravity by his libertine mother Helene. There are a lot of pretty objectionable sex scenes in this film but the story leads up to Helene initiating sex play with Pierre. She takes him down to the cellar and he masturbates over her as she slits her own throat. Is this the scene we wish we could unsee? Close but no banana.... There is worse to come. Pierre goes to the mortuary to see his mother's body and upon viewing her lifeless corpse, whips out his manhood, starts jacking himself off, shrieking 'I don't want to die!'. This is our money shot. Masturbating over your dead mother. Ick. And transposing it with the fear of death. Double ick. Highly transgressive to the nth degree and once you watch it, you will wish you could bleach your eyeballs and totally unsee the whole disturbing spectacle forever.
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