10 Directors Who Should Helm The Batman (If Affleck Quits)

The Bat-signal is shining, but who's gonna answer the call?

Getty/Warner Bros.

The DC Extended Universe can't seem to catch a break.

Just when things began to look shaky after Batman v Superman was destroyed by critics, rumblings of a Ben Affleck-starring solo Batman movie, which would also be written and directed by the actor, started to surface, and would later be confirmed - and fans began to position the project as the DCEU's saving grace.

In December 2016, Affleck mentioned that he was still finishing up the script, but everything was "coming together", and the film was on the right track, ramping up fan excitement even further.

And then, bizarrely, the actor appears to have backtracked on those comments entirely, stating just a few days ago that "there's no script", and if the project doesn't come together in a way he deems appropriate, he's "not going to do it".

And if Affleck does indeed step aside, the film (tentatively titled 'The Batman') will need a guiding hand. This won't be an easy task, for whoever lands the gig - the survival of the DCEU may depend upon the quality of this one movie - but there are plenty of strong contenders who'd be able to give us the quality Batman adventure we deserve.

This in mind, here are ten directors who should be given a stab at the solo Batman movie...


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