10 Famous Actors Who Did Nude Scenes By Accident

Wait a second... were we supposed to see that?

One of the most important questions you have to face as a Hollywood actor is: "Do I get naked on-screen?" Once you commit to doing it once, after all, both you and your birthday suit are immortalised on film forever... and there's no going back. Whereas some actors spend the sum of their careers actively avoiding baring all for the camera, some actors are less bothered with the idea of millions of people seeing what they look like naked. For them, it's art. Or a bigger paycheck. Maybe they're comfortable with their bodies. Perhaps they needed to do so to advance their careers. But whereas most actors who go the whole nine yards make the conscious decision to expose themselves on the big screen, some actors end up doing so by accident. How, you might ask? It's quite simple, really: they either got naked and didn't expect the footage to be presented in a way in which they were naked, or they were duped by the passages of time. That's to say, in the second case, the advancement of technology has given us the power of the precision pause - those "blink and you'll miss it" moments, previously evasive, are ours to fixate over...

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