10 Great Movies About Sex

Zack and Miri Make a Porno and The Dreamers, it's important to step back and be able to separate the good, the bad, the bleh, and the "WTF" so you can be a well-rounded, cinematic viewer. What follows is an non-definitive list of some great movies about sex, so enjoy...carefully.

10. Love and Other Drugs

It's the only real rom-com on the list, and it's the reason why we got No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits in the same year. However, where those two films sort of just slapped on the morals of their respective pictures, Love and Other Drugs keeps its sleeves loaded without ever fully leading into comedy land. With Golden Globe nominated performances from Jake Gyllenhall (putting Ryan Gosling's character from Crazy, Stupid, Love. to shame) and tag-teamed with an irresistible Anne Hathaway, the two shamelessly pounce around each other's nudity with smiles, laughs, and undeniable chemistry that sets up for a true-to-film (and incredibly sappy) final act. And when I say shameless nudity, I certainly mean it. You'll see plenty of both Hathaway and Gyllenhall throughout the run-time of the film. There's nothing artsy about it and it's certainly lacking statement. These are two attractive Hollywood A-listers with no qualms for stripping down for the audience. It's one of those quick-fix, log-lined couple-has-meaningless-sex-so-much-it-starts-to-mean-something pictures that ultimately ends up developing into something heartwarmingly endearing, despite your best efforts to call it off as complete schlock.
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