10 Great Stan Lee Cameos Not In Marvel Movies

It's not just the MCU that saw cameos by Marvel's creative genius.


Stan Lee's death this week will be mourned by many, not just comics fans where he was known and loved for decades as the highly productive co-creator of some of the medium's greatest heroes from Spider-Man to the Hulk, but also by movie and TV fans who loved both the adaptations of his famous characters and his increasing tendency to give cameo performances in the same.

In fact, it could well be said that one of the erstwhile Stanley Lieber's greatest and most enduring creations was the character of "Stan Lee" himself, the nerdy-yet-suave comic book icon who remained the public face of his company, with his signature glasses and moustache hardly changing across the years, long after he ceased to be actively creatively involved in Marvel's work.

Of course, we all know about Lee's recurring cameos across every single movie in the blockbuster behemoth that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which his already filmed scene for Avengers 4 will sadly be the last. There will be plenty of lists elsewhere paying tribute to this running gag and speculating about Lee's place in the in-universe Marvel movie mythology, so let's look here at some of his alternative appearances.

For a man who's essentially just spent decades playing himself, Lee also has an impressive filmography away from the company whose success he built. Here are just a few of the cameos from the Marvel icon in non-Marvel productions.

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