10 Greatest Fake Pro Wrestlers In Movies

Working the marks as much on screen as in ring.


Professional wrestling is at least partially fictional with the genre of wrestling and the workers themselves deciding just how much. As dangerous as any competitive sport, it places a great deal of emphasis on acting as much as it does athleticism. It’s hardly surprising then that so many wrestlers have turned up in movies over the years. On top of wrestlers becoming actors, cinema has often required actors to become wrestlers.

Whether the individual behind the fictional pro wrestler is experienced in the ring or not, it is often fun to watch an exaggerated film rendition of a character type known for being exaggerated to begin with. While often brought in for laughs, pro wrestling based characters have also been used in serious, often gritty cinematic fare also.

From award winning actors to actual title winning wrestlers, many have brought ‘sports entertainers’ to the big screen. Respectful or parodic, plenty of these characters have left a memorable impression on audiences over the years. Let’s take a look at 10 pf the greatest pro wrestling character in cinematic history.

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