10 Harry Potter Backstories That Would Be Way Better Than Another Fantastic Beasts Movie

These backstories are simply begging to be brought to the big screen...

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The Fantastic Beasts movies have been a disappointment. Whilst the first movie was perfectly fine (but by no means as fun as the Harry Potter series), its sequel was a mess. Even veterans of the Wizarding World found it difficult to follow owing to the excessive number of twists and turns.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the level of excitement about the third entry isn’t particularly high. Sure, J.K. Rowling might be able to turn the franchise around, but too much damage may already have been done.

However, due to how much detail Rowling offered in her original seven novels, there are plenty of potential backstories that could rekindle fans’ interest. Indeed, many of her characters had intriguing pasts that were touched upon but never fully explored as Harry was always the primary focus.

And though the 1920s setting was one of the better elements of the Fantastic Beasts movies, there are also plenty of other magical periods and locations that would be fascinating to see on the big screen.

As such, many fans would welcome the prospect of abandoning the current prequels in exchange for a backstory with greater potential…

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