10 Incredible Follow-Ups To Iconic Movies (That Nobody Saw)

Just because you made one masterpiece, doesn't mean that people will watch the next one.

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The film industry is full of all manner of visionaries, auteurs and madmen who proudly stamp their names all over their work. These talented so-and-sos often find their names entering the public consciousness, leading to repeat business and enthusiasm from fans.

Directors often like to reuse the same actors too, adding a familial element to the films that's inviting on the surface. After all, certain tropes, tones and stylistic flourishes feel more cohesive when there's synchronicity within the creative team.

However, just because a director's previous film made mad bank at the box-office, that doesn't ensure that they are promised that same level of acclaim with whatever comes next. Big financial success often leads directors to indulge themselves in passion projects or films that are huge departures from the material that got their name out there in the first place, which can often turn audiences away.

The films featured here today are all worthy follow-ups to their iconic originals but for some reason or another, never managed to catch on. So let's look through archives and give these ten films the love and attention they so desperately deserve.

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