10 Insane Rumours For Upcoming Movies

Is Ben Affleck's Batman Dead In The Flash Movie - Fast & Furious 9 Crazy Plot!

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Though Hollywood's slate of blockbuster releases has slowed to a near-halt over the last year, the rumour mill has done no such thing, with the most anticipated upcoming films continuing to be fervently speculated on by fans.

While the vast majority of movie rumours ultimately turn out to be false, sometimes set leaks and educated guesses do indeed turn up legitimate information, even if it can only ever been confirmed once said movie has hit cinemas.

Yet the rumours that end up being true aren't always the most obvious ones - sometimes that laughably implausible "leak" you read months ago turns out to be the actual, inexplicable truth.

And so, while these 10 rumours for some of the most eagerly awaited films of 2021 and 2022 certainly raise their fair share of skepticism, it's still entirely possible that at least some of them turn out to be true.

And even if not, you might be able to respect the barmy creativity that went into rustling up these alleged spoilers, no matter that they turned out to be bunk.

But at the same time, they're all worth keeping in the back of your mind in case, indeed, they are 100% on the money...


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