10 Mainstream Films With Unsimulated Sex Acts

10. Pola X (1999)

24.02.2013pola Another part of the New French Extremity, this film concerns Pierre, who is a successful novelist. He lives in a beautiful castle with Marie his mother. He goes to tell his fiancee Lucie the date they are to be married when he is stopped by a beautiful woman with a strong Eastern accent called Isabelle. She tells him she is his sister and they begin an affair.. Pola X gained infamy world wide for its unsimulated sex acts between Guillaume Depardieu (Pierre) and Yekaterina Golubeva (Isabelle). Although body stand ins were used for the most explicit parts. The graphic sex is used to drive home the self destructive nature of the love affair between Isabelle and Pierre. The latter is being washed away on a tidal wave of squalor and personal debasement. That is basically what the film is - a portrait of Pierre from a handsomely groomed young man into a quivering pathetic wretch. You may or may not like it depending on your tolerance for pretentious French films. I quite like them so I was pleased.
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