10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Ever

10. Crash

No, not the 2004 Paul Haggis film that attracted its own controversy thanks to an unlikely, and some say unworthy Oscar win - this pick refers to the 1996 David Cronenberg erotic psychological drama. Probably one of the kinkiest films you'll ever see, Cronenberg's adaptation of the controversial JG Ballard novel is a strong adaptation, and it is certainly entertaining, but a good deal of its pull is thanks to the nature of the content. Why So Controversial? Two words: Masochistic Symphorophilia. Crash focused on a particular sexual paraphilia (some would call it a perversion) that causes sexual arousal from car accidents. We watch James Spader's lead grow increasingly aroused by the idea of car crashes, and the wounds caused by them to the point that he has rampant sex with a survivor's vagina-like scar. The explicit intertwining of violence and sex was profoundly affecting at the time of the film's release - prompting a major campaign lead by the Dail Mail (of course) to get it banned in Britain - and it is still almost as affecting now.
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