10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Ever

8. Kids

Released in 1995 to a tidal wave of controversy, Larry Clark's portrait of sexually active New York teenagers floating through life from one party to another, via sexual encounters and substance abuse. The narrative intrigue is driven by the revelation that the "hero" of the piece - Telly - is HIV positive, and isn't aware, carrying on his committed agenda of deflowering young virgins and ignorantly spreading his infection. The film attracted general controversy when it became clear that the film's party scenes were unscripted, and that the young actors would simply turn up, get drunk and high and enjoy themselves - as well as more specific controversy thanks to its sexual content. Why So Controversial? The major complaint seems to have been the lack of artistic merit in the film's unflinching exploration of its difficult subject matter, and its frank assessment of teenage sex cultures. The film contains frequent sexual references and dialogue between adolescents, as well as simulated sex, the seduction of very young actors and the explicit exposure of apparently underage performers. But arguably the most controversial scene of the entire film features date-rape, as a friend of Telly's called Casper drunkenly rapes Jennie (Chloe Sevigny) - the girl who discovers her own and Telly's infections - and infects himself with HIV.
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