10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Ever

6. The Brown Bunny

Like a few of its fellow films featured on this list, The Brown Bunny appeared at the Cannes film festival and was rather unceremoniously labelled the worst film in Cannes history by Roger Ebert, who later changed his mind. Directed by and starring Vincent Gallo, the film followed a motorbike racer on a cross-country trip, haunted by an ex-lover, played by Chloe Sevigny (in her second appearance on this list). The revelation of course changes the entire feel of the film, which is still far from universally loved, though Ebert ultimately changed his opinion of the film after Gallo returned to the editing room and trimmed the film by 26 minutes, but the infamous, controversial scene that underpins its notoriety is still just as provocative. Why So Controversial? The final sequence of the film shows an apparently unsimulated oral sex act between Sevigny and Gallo, which ends with Sevigny apparently swallowing Gallo's semen, and brought huge criticism for both the actress and the film itself: it has been called one small step above pornography, and Sevigny was dropped from her talent agency as a direct result of the scene. In many ways the scene has now transcended the film, and Gallo's work is notorious only for the blow job shot, which is a shame as it does hold some artistic merit. The problem is, though a bold move, there is no reason that scene couldn't have been left out and replaced with something more implied.
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