10 Most Heartbreaking Star Wars Moments

No amount of midi-chlorians could keep fans from shedding a tear at these moments!

Kylo Ren Star Wars

The saga of Star Wars is a Sci-Fi experience that is unmatched by any other franchise. Many have tried, but when it comes to high science-fiction fantasy, Star Wars has remained on top. It has done this thanks to several key aspects, and one of the most important is its strong connection to the fans and the emotional moments that it has shared with them.

Each movie in the series manages to find the right balance between severity and fun - at least for the most part - and this has helped keep the franchise feeling special despite how oversaturated it has arguably become. The following moments are the absolute cream of the crop within the series. No matter how you may feel about the prequels, originals, or new trilogy, it is impossible to keep your eyes dry during these heartbreaking moments.

This list will only be focusing on the movies in the Star Wars franchise, as to include some of the amazing shows like Mandalorian and Clone Wars would make it impossible to keep the list down to just ten, as is the emotional power of the franchise.

Heavy spoilers lie ahead.

10. The Redemption And Demise Of Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren Star Wars

One of the new trilogy's most fascinating additions was that of Kylo Ren. This character exceeded many viewers' expectations and ended up becoming one of the most complex and interesting characters in the series. Thanks to this, his inevitable fate was heartbreaking to witness.

Redemption arcs are an integral part of storytelling, as they provide viewers with the evidence that no one is beyond improvement. This is an essential lesson that Star Wars teaches us, as it was a significant part of Luke's narrative in the original series. Therefore, when Kylo finally forgives himself for killing his father and shares a beautiful moment with him, he comes to Rey's aid and ultimately gives his life for hers.

The act is momentous, as Kylo passes his life force to bring Rey back from the brink of death, and although the kiss they share was very sudden, it was grounded in the connection they'd had with each other.

To finally watch Kylo see the light, and even die for it was beautiful, and utterly heartbreaking.

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