10 Most Out Of Place Scenes In Horror Movie History

9. Kids Talking About Mortgages - Old

Friday The 13th

M. Night Shyamalan has a distinctive way of writing for children so they speak in an otherworldly manner. Depending on how the dialogue is written, young characters in his work come across as eccentric, funny, or creepy.

But over the years, this trait has become so clichéd it causes a lot of Shyamalan dialogue to sound ridiculous, as can be demonstrated in his latest film, Old. This horror mystery revolves around a group trapped on a beach which causes them to rapidly age. If they don't find a way to escape within a day, they'll die.

Even though that sounds like a fascinating premise, the element that most viewers remember the most is the unnatural dialogue, especially from the boy Trent. While playing with another boy, he says, "You can come to my house and make up stories. Then, we can go to the same college together and become neighbours with mortgages."

You would expect that line from a spoof like Airplane or Scary Movie, not an R-rated horror movie directed by a filmmaker once hailed as "the next Spielberg". Considering this movie centres around a time-altering beach and has scenes surrounding magical coral and a child having a baby (don't ask), it's bewildering how a kid discussing mortgages is the weirdest part.


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