10 Most Underrated Scenes In Star Wars

The best of the rest.

Can any moment in Star Wars truly be considered underrated? This is a franchise so popular and iconic that it seems each and every scene has been studied and memorised by the fans; you don't really know the franchise until you can recite each movie word-for-word (or at the very least the opening crawls). Still, there are some scenes that have become more legendary than others. The Darth Maul/Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan duel, Yoda's high-kicking fight with Count Dooku, Order 66, the collapse of the Death Star, the revelation that Vader is Luke's father, it's a trap! - these are all moments that have been etched on every Star Wars fan's memory. Other moments don't get their due as often as the aforementioned. It's a two-trilogy series, a saga lasting over 12 hours - of course there's going to be stuff in there that's talked about less frequently than the rest. Often, it's the quieter moments that get forgotten, but there are also complex scenes that work on multiple levels, action set-pieces that unfortunately pale in comparison to the more bombastic battle sequences, and instances where the dialogue seems slight on the surface, but in reality has so much more going for it than first it seemed.

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