10 Movie Sex Scenes That Went Completely Over The Top

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Ever since the invention the motion picture, filmmakers have strived to simulate sexual congress, in all of its glory, with varying degrees of success. Hampered by puritanical paradigms of what is immoral to show general audiences, most directors opt to present coitus in the most pedestrian manner possible: from the waist up, with nipples and other naughty bits artfully concealed by bedsheets or well-placed shadows.

But there are visionaries, like Lars Von Trier, who aim to breakdown the barriers established by prudes and show audiences the real deal. Sometimes, these mavericks overcompensate and go full tilt at the expense of credibility. When this happens, be it intentionally for comedic effect or be it accidentally, audiences are treated to gloriously over the top sex scenes that defy belief.

I present to you a list of ten such scenes that leave audiences unsure whether they should laugh or be aroused: ten of the most over the top sex scenes ever made.

10. Basic Instinct

basic instinct stone douglas
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Making his first appearance on our list, dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven delivered a smash hit with his erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Verhoeven, working from a screenplay by smut monger Joe Eszterhas, went for broke in his depiction of the lascivious bisexual serial killer Catherine Tramell, a crime novelist with a penchant for murdering her lovers with an ice-pick during very enthusiastic lovemaking.

Not holding back at all, Verhoeven immediately gets down to business and opens his film with a display of Tramell's antics as she ends a vigorous session of coitus in a bloodbath, hacking away at her unfortunate/very fortunate victim...

basic instinct1

Verhoeven went so over the top with the opening scene the MPAA demanded it be recut. Even in its neutered form, the opening of Basic Instinct more than earns its spot on our list.


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