10 Movie Sex Scenes That Will Probably Make You Vow Celibacy

Love scenes to make everything shrivel and disappear.

Modern audiences have come to rely on sexed-up movies like 300: Rise Of An Empire to fill their cinematic quota of naked flesh, but it took decades of boundary-pushing before glorified skin flicks could get a mainstream release. Early in its history, Hollywood filmmaking was viewed as corrupt and immoral by the general public and tried to reform its image by creating the Production Code in 1930, a set of standards meant to clean up filmmaking, which forbade any inference of perversion, or, licentious or suggestive nudity. This prudishness would not last: with the invention of television and increased competition from foreign films, Hollywood needed a way to lure audiences into the theatre, and it was somewhat inevitable where they would turn. In the late 60s the code was abandoned entirely and the nudity floodgates were opened. The abundance of nudity led to an intriguing development - rather than simply for titillation purposes, sex scenes were created expressly for the opposite effect. Horror movies like Psycho (1960) and Peeping Tom (1960) mixed sex and violence to shock the audience like never before, and this lead to horror filmmakers deliberately using taboo subject matter to get a rise out of increasingly desensitized audiences. Comedies also broke new ground: raunchy films like Animal House (1978) and Porky's (1982) started exploiting sexual discomfort for laughs. Like their horror counterparts, comedic filmmakers found they had to up the gross out factor to make an impact on blasé comedy buffs. To celebrate this shift from sexiness to cringe, and for your consideration, we have assembled a list of ten exemplary off-putting sex scenes that turned off the audience in shocking or hilarious ways, which will probably have you considering a monastic life...

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