10 Movies We Only Watched For The Famous Nude Scene

No use denying it. There really was no other reason to see Alexander than Rosario Dawson.

It€™s an unfortunate truth about the industry we love that there are more bad films than good. For every great film out there, there are at least three bad ones; a Catwoman, Elektra and Ghost Rider, for every X-Men: First Class, if you will. There are certain things which can elevate these cinematic train-wrecks into being somehow watchable. It could be a film that is so bad that it€™s somehow become comical, a movie harbouring one or more mistakes that need to be seen to be believed or €“ most commonly €“ that the film shows nudity which means we can see past the other 89-minutes of diabolical footage which made us want to destroy the television. Many of you will remember Seth Rogen€™s character and his band of merry misfits in 2007's Knocked Up having the marijuana-induced idea of launching a new website to list, collate and organise every known nude scene of an actress with a note of which minute into the film the scene shows up. Though this idea proved to be unoriginal (indeed, even in real life we have Mr Skin), the fact that this gang of stoners thought they€™d make their millions off the site proves how many people love a glimpse of something adult in a non-pornographic film. While there are quite clearly many excellent films which give their audiences a flash of flesh, there are far more which try and use harness nudity as a means of drawing in audiences. Here are the 10 movies we watched purely for the famous nude scene:

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