10 Movies We Only Watched For The Famous Nude Scene

10. Porky€™s (1982)

Nearly two decades before Paul and Chris Weltz decided to make a film about sexually immature high school students and their unhealthy relationship with warm apple pies, there was Porky€™s. Bob Clark€™s 1982 comedy tells the story of a group of students from Angel Beach High School and their quest to finally lose their collective virginities. However, Porky€™s lacks the laugh-out-loud humour and endearing characters which make American Pie beloved by many to this day. Though the film is smattered with nudity throughout, the scene which has kept people coming back to it all these years later in spite of its obvious inferiority to American Pie is the notorious locker-room shower scene (which inspired the film€™s poster). Reaching the height of their teenage sexual frustration, the amorous boys decide to spy on the girls showering. When the young women realise they are being watched, shockingly not all of them run out of the shower disgusted. Regardless of how authentically you think the film portrays women, you get to see Kim Cattrall and a gaggle of luscious ladies showering, making Porky€™s just-about watchable if it€™s a particularly rainy day.

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