10 Nude Scenes To Make You Cringe!

The inclusion of nudity in a film is often a subject of contention. When it's done right, such a scene can be the highlight of an entire film...even a highly artistic moment. However, when they're wrong they're more of a turn off than a turn on. Nothing makes a film more memorable than an entirely ridiculous nude scene. What follows are ten naked (or semi-naked!) performances that are simultaneously vomit-inducing, side-splittingly hilarious and horrifically embarrassing!

10. Sissy Spacek in CARRIE (1976)

The opening scene of Brian De Palma's brilliantly executed psychological horror Carrie cleverly tricks the audience and sets up the entire tone of the film. To begin with the showering Sissy Spacek is shot in soft focus, idolised by the lens as an image of pure teenage beauty (despite her rather gawky looks). The accompanying tranquil soundtrack and Carrie's apparent enjoyment of the warm water sets the scene as a voyeuristic pleasure for the audience. However, this is all ripped away as Carrie's period begins and the poor naive girl thinks she's dying! The original image of beauty is immediately replaced by the horror of the running menstrual blood. As her school mates tease and taunt her, throwing sanitary towels and jeering remarks, the nudity of Carrie becomes grotesque and uncomfortable on screen. In one fail swoop De Palma turns the original image of nudity on its head, altering it to become a stomach-churning image of fear and disgust. For me, as well as being a narrative necessity (an illustration of the torment Carrie suffers), it almost seems like a punishment for those viewers who enjoyed the voyeuristic pleasure at the beginning of the scene.
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