10 Nude Scenes To Make You Cringe!

07. Tatum O'Neal in A CIRCLE OF TWO (1980)

When 16 year old Tatum O'Neal strips off to reveal her underdeveloped teenage body in a bid to seduce a mid-60s Richard Burton, one of cinema's most bizarre couplings is born. It's also a thoroughly cringe worthy moment, in a film that is pretty dire in its entirety. What makes the scene even more uncomfortable than O'Neal's tender age, is the strategically placed chair that is the only barrier between us and her (far too young) intimate area. Standing starkers in front of Burton, smoking one of his cigars and trying desperately to look seductive, the scene exaggerates her youthful outlook on sexuality and her exuberant desire to lose her virginity. Frankly, it seems almost paedophilic. With the extra-textual knowledge that Burton had recently divorced from Elizabeth Taylor (for the second and final time) his pairing with O'Neal seems just about as desperate as her character's ploy to bed him. However a fantastic actor Burton may be, he lacks any kind of chemistry with his teenage co-star and the inclusion of her nude scene makes this whole film a complete cringe-fest...
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