10 Nude Scenes To Make You Cringe!

06. Linda Blair in CHAINED HEAT (1983)

Poor old Linda Blair...she's never going to be able to shift the stigma of the girl who puked green gunge! She certainly couldn't when she tried to reinvent herself as a sex symbol in the 1980s. Whilst Chained Heat - a prison 'drama' (read sexploitation!) with lesbian overtones - is littered with nudity, there is one scene that stands out from the 99 minute runtime...and for all the wrong reasons! The camera tracks along the communal shower block, happily capturing the glistening bodies of the female inmates. Exposed from her waist up (the only suitable words being hallelujah that's all!) and looking off camera, Blair can only be described as extremely uncomfortable. Her glances off camera do not suggest she's lusting over one of her lesbian co-inmates, rather that she's imagining herself anywhere but where she actually is!
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