10 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed

Even the most inept of Hollywood producers could tell you that nudity sells - people somewhat unthinkably went out to see Showgirls, and there was a massive response when it was revealed that Demi Moore would shed her clothes for Striptease (what they didn't tell us was that she'd be a little over-muscular and oddly-shaped)- so as long as studio marketing departments have any kind of influence on the creative decisions of a project, we're likely to see bare skin.But sometimes, nudity in movies in used in an entirely different way - subtly added for the purposes of realism, or because the film-maker was way too cool to think of anything as piffling as censorship. Either way, those instances of nudity tend to be so brief that film fans could be forgiven for missing them entirely - and when they come from a superstar actor, nobody really wants to miss out on the opportunity for a little licensed voyeurism. We're all animals when you scratch the surface after all.There are also several famous instances from film history of films that sneak nudity into their films - whether as a form of artistic protest, or to actively titillate the audience and create that magical moment where audience members look at one another aghast,wondering whether what they just saw was really what they thought it was. This article will celebrate those moments where nudity pops up just briefly enough to snatch your attention away, before disappearing again, and these are the briefest flashes of nudity that made you reach for the pause and rewind buttons. Blink and you'll miss them....

1. Bruce Willis - Pulp Fiction

Very, very brief. Willis gets out of the shower, dries himself off with a small orange towel and shows the world a glimpse of what lies beneath. Bruce isn't exactly known for his naked shots, and is more readily available for vest shots and dirty bulging biceps work, so this came as something of a surprise.

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