10 Outrageously Sexy Moments In PG Movies

Sorta confusing if you happen to be 10-years-old.

When you sit down to a movie rated under the PG ("Parental Guidance") banner, you sort of know what to expect - that's the point of a classification, after all; it gives you an idea of the kinds of things that you're going to end up witnessing. If you sit down to an action movie rated 12, you're going to get your fight scenes lacking much blood and carnage; if you sit down to watch a crime movie rated 18, more than likely there are going to be scenes of a sexual nature and one character will probably use the C-word a whole lot. So what the heck is up with the outrageously sexy moments in the following movies? Because these movies, believe it or not, have been rated PG. If you're unfamiliar with the British definition of PG, it - according to the BBFC website - means "a film is suitable for general viewing." Which translates as "it's okay for anybody - children included - to watch this movie, unless you're, like, a serious prude." Everybody knows - in the same way that everybody just "knows" that The One Show comes on at 7 o'clock - that PG means that anybody can watch it without fear of swearing, violence or sexual scenes. Right? Wrong: the following 10 moments - outrageously sexy or purposely arousing in their make-up - occur in a bunch of PG rated movies. Whilst some of these are sexy because they just are (sexy enough to confuse any small children watching, anyway), others are actually (and unapologetically) explicit. And then there are the animated movie entries on this list. It's, uh, sort of hard to explain those ones...

Sam Hill is an ardent cinephile and has been writing about film professionally since 2008. He harbours a particular fondness for western and sci-fi movies.