10 Outrageously Sexy Moments In PG Movies

5. Gaston's Fan Club - Beauty And The Beast

Gaston is poised as something of an oaf in Disney's classic Beauty and the Beast - though all the girls that aren't Belle seem to absolutely adore him. As a specimen, yes, he's intimidating, which is presumably why the more "up for it" women who dwell in the nocturnal town where Belle and Gaston live would do anything to get a piece of him. Is it because he eats five-dozen eggs every morning to help him get large? Remember that moment in which, during the opening song of the movie, three very similar-looking pretty blonde woman break into song, declaring Gaston to be a "strong and handsome hunk?" They're literally crying because Gaston won't pay proper attention to them. Bawling, even! You noticed their cleavages, of course, because the movie wants you to notice their cleavages and thus associate women who dress as such as "sexually promiscuous," whereas the virginal heroine of the movie - Belle - never even comes close to exposing her flesh. Also: later on in the movie, during "Gaston," movie-goers are rewarded with a cheeky peek up each of their skirts. Those bosoms are way too erotically-rendered for the likes of Disney! C'mon!

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